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Technically Carrollton...

Indian food!!

1) Name/Location of the restaurant: Al Markaz- 1205 West Trinity Mills Road Suite 112 Carrollton TX 75006

2) Phone number and/or website: (972)245-9525

3) Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night? Not sure about breakfast, but they're definitely open for lunch and open until 10:30PM for dinner.

4) What did you order? I usually order mutton Biryani and Chicken Bhoti, also veggie samosas and plenty of raitha! Their Naan is excellent!

5) What was the quality of the food? Al Markaz is delicious. The food is rustic, spicy, and changes slightly each time I go.

6) Was the service good? The guy at the front counter can be pretty rude, the waitresses are polite and their attentiveness varies somewhat but I've never had a problem with them.

7) How about the atmosphere? It's pretty average. Brightly lit, lots of space. It's in an industrial area though, so it's not much to look at. There's a small grocery attached for browsing. :)

8) Cost? The prices are pretty good considering the portions are really huge. You can order one of each item to share between two people and it's like a little buffet! We spend about $17 for lunch for my husband, son, and I.

9) Vegetarian/vegan selections? They do have vegetarian selections- samosas, turn overs, and a veggie curry. I do suspect, however, that the curry is swimming in meat juice! Delicious, but not a reliable option for veggie fare.

10) Alcohol/wine list? I don't think they serve alcohol.

Recommendations for Peruvian food?

I recently went to eat at a Peruvian restaurant with some friends while I was visiting them and hoped to find a good Peruvian restaurant here in the Dallas area, but it seems Peruvian cuisine is a little scarce. In an internet search I came across Gran Machu Picchu on Garland Rd. Has anyone eaten there? If so how was your experience? Or is there another restaurant that you'd recommend that serves Peruvian dishes?

New to these parts...

Not to Dallas, I was born and raised here and with few exceptions this is where I've been my whole life.

I was snooping around a friends profile and discovered the community, so thought I'd join up!

Since this is my first review, I'm doing it "template style". I like to think of my self as the "tamale cart" girl of my group of friends. I'll eat pretty much anywhere, and I find that the "dirtiest" looking places have the best food. I'm a champion of holes in the wall everywhere.

1) Name/Location of the restaurant: Cuquita's, 2326 North Henderson Avenue, Dallas, 75206
(just east of Belmont)

2) Phone number and/or website: 214-823-1859

3) Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night? I've never been for breakfast, but they're open all night if not super late. They're closed on Tuesdays.

4) What did you order? I generally order 2 "Gorditas al Gusto"- one of Guiso de Puerco and one Rajas con Queso

5) What was the quality of the food? I find the food to be excellent. If you're missing your abuelita's beans, this is the place to go.

6) Was the service good? The waitresses (I've been going for years, never seen a waiter) are sweet, polite, and attentive. Knowing Spanish definitely helps, but isn't required.

7) How about the atmosphere? I prefer the recessed "garden" seating at the back of the restaurant, but it's bright and cheerful everywhere.

8) Cost? depends on what you get, but I don't think any entree is over $10. Mine is normally about $6.00 and if you have a lighter appetite you can get away with one gordita, rice, beans, and unlimited chips and salsa for $2.95 plus tax. No lie!

9) Vegetarian/vegan selections? Doubtful. You can get things without meat, but cheese is inescapable- also they do use good old fashioned lard in their beans and tortillas.

10) Alcohol/wine list? I've never seen a "list" but they do have my favorite Mexican import beer evar: Bohemia.

Cuquita's does have a couple of additional locations with more limited hours, including one at Coit @ Spring Valley in Richardson- but the Henderson location is their first and, in my opinion, still their best.

Mexican food in Deep Ellum / East Dallas

As requested by lindalee, here's a copy-n-paste of a reply I made in the dfw community to a request for hole-in-the-wall Mexican food near Fair Park:

Cantina Laredo in Lakewood is a bit more upscale than hole-in-the wall Tex-Mex, so price reflects that a bit. The food is pretty good, with richer sauces than traditional. No clue about their drinks.

Omega's in Deep Ellum definitely qualifies as hole-in-the-wall. Very family owned. The food is a bit greasy, but that's expected of hole-in-the-wall cheap Tex-Mex. They have their liquor license now, and it seems every time I've gone this year, I've gotten a free beer or margarita with dinner. (The margaritas are too sweet for my taste, however.)

Monica's Aca y Alla in Deep Ellum isn't hole-in-the-wall and has a southern Mexico flavor with some Tex-Mex themes. Drinks are strong. Gets crowded on Tue and Wed nights (half price entrees and 75 cent drinks, respectively). Wed tends (or did.. I've not been on a Wednesday in quite some time) to have a large gay percentage. Live music on the weekends.

Pepe & Mito's in Deep Ellum is more traditional Tex-Mex, but more expensive than Omega's. About the same price as Monica's. I've not tried their drinks, but I see lots of people with drinks there. Their food is quite good.

Mis Cazuela's east of Deep Ellum (Columbia Ave.) is more catered to the Spanish speaking crowd. The food I've had has been mediocre, but pretty cheap. I hear on the weekends, the menudo is good. :)

La Popular Tamales is also on Columbia Ave. I've not been since they moved a few blocks east. I don't know if management changed or not with the move. The tamales used to be very good.

Ojeda's (not quite near Fair Park, but not terribly far up Maple Ave) is traditional Tex-Mex. Strong drinks, lots of seating and parking available - good for parties. Food is quite good, sometimes a bit greasy.

My preference for hole-in-the-wall would be Omega's. My preference for food would be dependent upon my taste for the day - savory would be Monica's or Cantina Laredo, more traditional would be Pepe & Mito's or Ojeda's. For drink specials and lively crowd/music, Monica's on Wednesday. For drinks in a quieter atmosphere, Ojeda's.

Pan Fried Chicken?

Does anyone know where I can get good pan-fried chicken in Dallas?  Preferably buttermilk soaked, pan-fried chicken?  Babe's is good, but they brine and deep fry. as do most of the other joints in the Metroplex.  Anyone know where I can get some iron fried goodness?

May. 17th, 2007

When I go home back to Dallas, I want to sample some indian food. I've looked online at a few indian restaurants, names of the types of dishes are similar, but some look a little odd. Anyone sample this gorgeous spicey food before in Dallas?


Yokohama Japanese Restaurant

1) Name/Location of the restaurant
Yokohama Japanese Restaurant
19009 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75252

Cross Street: I90 / PGBT

2) Phone number and/or website
(972) 733-0223

3) Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night?
lunch & dinner, closed Sunday
Mon-Fri 11:30 am-2 pm, 5:30-10 pm
Sat 5:30-10:30 pm

4) What did you order?
Edamame, and a variety of sushi/sashimi.

5) What was the quality of the food?

6) Was the service good?
Wonderful, prompt and not too intrusive. Friendly and smiley, but not obnoxiously so. And one of the waitresses made the baby laugh and played peek-a-boo with her a bit.

7) How about the atmosphere?
Quiet. There is a sushi bar as well as tables. THe first time I went was around 7 PM on a Saturday, and the second time at about 6 PM on a Monday. There were few other customers the second time, but even the first time, when it was bustling pretty well, it was still quiet and reserved.

8) Cost?
Not cheap, but good sushi / sashimi never is. We spent about $90 including tip, appetizer, & tea, for two people. Probably could have saved money by ordering the platters rather than individuals items.

9) Vegetarian/vegan selections?
I believe there were some items that were naturally vegetarian (the edamame, for instance, and some of the sushi are vegetables only).

10) Alcohol/wine list?
Beer & I think sake. Not sure about wines.
Another midnight has come and gone without me getting around to dinner and I don't feel like cooking. Now more than likely I'll go with one of the standard 24 drive through choices but I do like the occasional sit down meal. Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants open after say 11pm? Ideally they'ld be in the McKinney to Richardson/Garland area as I live north of Dallas. Here's my current list

Taco Cabana/Whataburger/Jack in the Box/ Taco Bell/ (some 24 hour McDonalds and Burger Kings)

Dennys/ IHOP/ Steak and Shake

Late Night Chinese:
Lucky House: Plano on the NW side of Custer and 15th. Pretty authentic and open till 2am on weeknights and 3am on weekends.

And some place I can't remember on bar row in Dallas but I tend to dislike being in heavily bar-ed areas towards cut off.

Avanti (see previous review)- Also a bit far into southern Dallas.

Thank you!

A review of N9NE Steak House

1) Name/Location of the restaurant Nine Steak House, Victory Park in downtown Dallas (next to the American Airlines center, and the new News 8 studio)
2) Phone number and/or website 214-720-9901 http://n9ne-dallas.n9negroup.com/index.cfm?page=tour
3) Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night? Dinner
4) What did you order? Filet, asparagus, lobster mashed potatoes, ceasar salad, "Rock Shrimp" appetizer, and s'mores for dessert
5) What was the quality of the food? AMAZING!
6) Was the service good? Service was personable and fantastic
7) How about the atmosphere? LOUD. This is not a remotely romantic venue, but it would be a lot of fun to go with a group of friends. The decor is brown & cream, essentially, with brushed nickel fixtures and accents. Very clean and modern.
8) Cost? This is a high end restaurant-- 5 stars. The 9 oz. filet (which doesn't come with any veggies, those are a la carte) was $43, if that gives you some idea.
9) Vegetarian/vegan selections? Lacking. This is primarily a steak house and seafood restaurant.
10) Alcohol/wine list? Extensive. I was initially disappointed with my beverage (amaretto sour) because the bartender used a typical well amaretto which wasn't good. When I requested Disaronno, I was pleasantly surprised that the price was the same. So... if there's a certain type of alcohol you prefer in mixed drinks, request it ahead of time. My cocktail was $9 (ouch! I wouldn't expect over $7). The red wine storage is part of the decor, and in my opinion it looked rather extensive, but I'm not a wine drinker so I won't claim authority on that.

This got really long!Collapse )

St. Martin's Wine Bistro - Greenville Ave.

1) Name/Location of the restaurant
St. Martin's Wine Bistro, Greenville Ave, same area as San Francisco Rose
2) Phone number and/or website
3) Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night?
4) What did you order?
her: Shrimp St. Martin; champaigne brie soup; Farfalle Pasta; raspberry sorbet
me: Grey Goose martini; shrimp cocktail; champaigne brie soup; salmon fillet, Godiva white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry sauce
5) What was the quality of the food?
6) Was the service good?
beyond good
7) How about the atmosphere?
great! very cozy and romantic
8) Cost?
for the two of us, pre-tip, $93.
9) Vegetarian/vegan selections?
Some, and extreme vegans might still be uncomfortable. Soup and Salad and dessert, there might be one vegetarian entree.
10) Alcohol/wine list?
extensive and (IMHO) expensive.

For what appears to be a bit of 'just another place to eat' along Greenville Ave., St. Martin's is an oasis of class. I did not find them stuffy in the least, everybody that worked there that I encountered were extremely friendly, courteous and personable. I do not think they have a dress code, however I noticed a high majority of male patrons in either coat or tie...in any case, dressed well for the evening. To go through their four course meal in a relaxed pace, allow a solid two hours. Their bar area is very well stocked, and at least for Saturday evening they had a piano player.

I also recommend using the Valet. Their stand is located on the corner by San Francisco Rose, but they are there for all the establishments (or at last, also St. Martin's) in that building.