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Alamo City Grill

1) Name/Location of the restaurant
Alamo City Grill is right along the southbound access road for 75 in Plano (between Parker and Park I think) in the same strip as the Original Pancake House.

2) Phone number and/or website
Their website has pictures, hours and most of the menu with prices. Missing is the insert with the kids menu, appetizers and deserts.

3) Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night?
I've been for lunch and dinner. Be warned if it's getting very close to closing and it's slow they will shut down early. We've had them be closed, dark and empty when we were just going to drop by right before closing.

4) What did you order?
All of the adults had the burgandy mushroom filet mingon but we substituted different sides. At previous visits we've had chicken cordon bleu, chicken fried steak and their fajitas. We've also split their creme brulee and tres leches desserts and the steak quesadilla appetizer.

5) What was the quality of the food?

Their food is amazing. Seriously. They have a wide variety of types of food: Tex-mex; sandwiches, burgers, classic home cooking, pasta, barbecue etc and with 1 exception everything I've had there was fantastic. (The exception being a side of cilantro rice that was a little more al dente than I prefer). My father's been 8 or 9 times in they few months they've been open and he's never had anything he didn't love either.

Tonight we had their filet mignon which is probably one of the best steaks I've ever had (and that includes a trip to Pappas Brother's late last year.) I will warn you that everyone's steak came out about a level rarer than ordered. My medium rare was definitely a rare with a red cool center. Having said that nobody wanted to send anything back to be cooked more. My steak was so tender I could have cut it with a butter knife and the sauce that my sister requested ended up sitting on the table untouched. Their sides are wonderful especially the poblano stuffing which is not spicy at all. Also the staff had no problems with substituting sides and even had the chef whip up a special batch of mushrooms without the burgandy which my sister is allergic to (he did an impromptu butter and herb sauce instead).

Also worth mentioning is that they have beautiful presentation. Plates are beautifully put together with good height and garnished with herbs, fried potato crisps, fresh mint etc.

6) Was the service good?
Very. The waitstaff is attentive without lurking. They're friendly and fairly casual. The service was more formal than say Ihop but slightly more casual than say TLC. Of course that could be from the nights we were there and we enjoyed it. Sustitutions were no problem. Our waitress also conferred with the cook as to ingredients that might be in a dish that my sister's allergic to and arranged a special sauce instead of the way it normally comes. Drinks were always filled. She didn't write anything down which I find kind of scary but everything came out correct so I guess she knew what she was doing!

7) How about the atmosphere?
I love the atmosphere of this place. They've got a large gas fireplace that can be seen (and felt) from 2 of their 3 dining rooms. One room just has the fireplace and a line of french doors so you can see out. The other dining room is between the fireplace and the bar and has tv's suspended in every corner so if you're there on a game night (like we were) you can follow the game no matter where you're sitting.

8) Cost?
I'ld say pretty cheap. Most expensive item on the menu is $23 which is not bad for the quality of steak it is. Several of their entres are under $10 and not just the pasta and burgers. Also there is no lunch menu so it's the same price whenever you go. I'ld actually spend a little less going here than Fridays or the Olive Garden and the quality of the food is considerably higher.

9) Vegetarian/vegan selections?
Not so much. Some of the Tex-Mex has a cheese instead of meat option and there's a nice variety of seafood but not a lot of vegetable platters. However given my experience I think they'ld be willing and able to do some of the dishes leaving out the meat ingredients if you asked.

10) Alcohol/wine list?
Full bar. Looks like a good selection but none of the people in the party drinks. They do have happy hour though.

To sum it up if you live in the north Dallas area I think you owe it to yourself to go there at least once. They've been there for a few months now and I've never seen it be really busy so I don't know how long they're going to last but their food is incredible.



Aug. 18th, 2009 04:39 pm (UTC)
I went by there for my usual fix, and they've been locked out by the owner of the building for non-payment. Why do all the really great restaurants die, and the crapholes survive? It just isn't fair.
Aug. 20th, 2009 03:09 am (UTC)
I KNOW!! I cried. I honestly cried. Last Sunday was my dad's birthday and we went and I really wanted the steak but I was going to be taking a friend of mine there this Saturday and having the steak then so I ordered something different. Now I won't ever get their steak again and my friend never got to try it. :(