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Sweet Pepper's (Thai cuisine)

1. Sweet Pepper's 2349 W Pioneer Pkwy is in Pantego, located on spur 303 (Pioneer Parkway) just east of Bowen, just before the Taco Bueno on the north side of the street.

2. (817) 299-9093

3. We went there today for lunch, around 1pm, and we were the only customers there. They advertise being open 7 days a week, with a lunch special that starts at $6.95 and includes soup and spring roll.

4. I cannot recall the Thai names for the dishes we ordered, but we had stir-fry chicken with cashews and brown sauce (my Dad), and I ordered fried rice with pork, with egg, tomato and onion. They were large portions, in fact we both ended up bringing half our orders home!

5. I would say the quality of the food was at least 'good', but would stop short of calling it 'excellent'. Whatever the superlative, it was good!

6. The service was good, but it would have been difficult for it to  have been bad, being that we were the only two customers in the place!  I got the impression it was a husband/wife team running the place, and the husband apparently cooks. Also, being that we were the only two, they did not hover or lurk us, and did check on us often enough to feel we weren't forgotten about. If the place was full of people, with just the two of them they would really be hopping.

7. Again, us being the only people in the place, the atmosphere was good overall. This is an older building and it shows in places, but it is well kept and clean. They had ambient music that was just at the right volume to attempt to move from being in the background to being in the foreground, but another couple of tables with people would have solved that problem. They also had what looked like a karaoke machine in the back part of the restaurant, so I'm glad we missed that show! 

8. Cost. Each of our entrees were under $10. Some will be over, but looking at the menu the majority of their stuff will run anywhere from $8.95 to $10.95. Given the portions we encountered I would suspect you won't come away hungry.

9. They did have a section of vegetarian dishes.

10. I did not even check about alcohol, but I figure they can probably serve at least beer and wine.

For an area around Arlington that also runs through Pantego and approaches Dalworthington Gardens, this part of Pioneer Parkway has undergone a lot of different places popping up and then disappearing. I asked the lady  who was our waitperson how long they had been there, and she said "about a year." I take that as a good sign that they at least do get enough business to stay open. When we arrived today, the church crowds were out (in fact we went to Sweet Peppers because Dad's first choice was a 40 minute wait to get in) and frankly, it was difficult to tell if they were open or even still in business. But they are! We left Sweet Peppers very pleased that we had stopped in. I think for what still constitutes an affordable amount of money, you will enjoy what Sweet Peppers has to offer whether it is to-go, or if you eat inside their restaurant.