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Fish Restaurant in Plano

Haven't updated here in a long time... but I wanted to pimp out my favorite local fish place.

It's Sea Breeze Fish Market & Grill, located off Preston, just south of Spring Creek behind Mi Cocina.

They're also on Facebook.

A few details:

  • They do lunch and dinner.

  • I've had arctic char, lemon sole, salmon, haddock, halibut, boston blue fish, scallops, shrimp, lobster, crab cakes, smoked salmon, swordfish, clam chowder, etc.

  • Excellent quality of food and lots of selection.

  • Ordering is simple... look at the menu and order at the counter. They bring you fresh bread with olive oil and herbs, and they bring your drinks and food out to you when it's ready.

  • Cost is reasonable. Chef specials in the $20s range (this is fine-dining quality food), and typical menu items like fish tacos, fish & chips, etc are around $10... and the range goes above and below that.

  • This is primarily a fish place, but they do have a few items that aren't fish or meat based.

  • They do have wine and beer.

They always have the freshest fish, and I think it's definitely some of the best fish in the area. The owner was a head fishmonger for Central Market and Whole Foods, so he uses those connections to get his fish directly from the source... no middle man! That means fresher fish than is usually available to the general public in DFW. They fillet the fish on site of course. Dishes are chef-prepared. The cool thing about this place is that it's so casual. It's just a little hole in the wall, and you walk in and it smells FRESH... not that fishy smell.

The fish in the case is a tad bit more expensive than it is at other places, like Sprouts or the grocery store, but the freshness factor and quality of product (they will happily tell you where everything comes from) more than makes up for the price, in my opinion.

Often they prepare crab cakes and other fish for you to take home and all it requires is a pan sear or reheat.

If you need a large quantity of fish (like for a fish fry), let them know and they can get it and prepare it for you.

Also... if you're not intrigued by anything on the menu, they can grill up any of the fish in the case, and prepare it in a variety of ways. Just ask!

They smoke their own salmon, and they have a rockin' salmon sandwich.

I really love this place. Nice, hard-working people, quality fish, reliable, etc... and everything I've tried, I've loved.

Has anyone else eaten at Sea Breeze?

Late Night Sushi?

Hey Everyone,

What are some good sushi places that are open after 10:00 PM on a Thursday night, near the Greenville area? I've been told Nandina and possibly Sushi Sapporo is open late.


Via stacyut25 in dfwtx

This post has some good recommendations for chicken friend steak!
Via chandrielle

This entry in dfwtx has some great recommendations for Chinese food in Dallas (in comments), as well as cheap restaurants and/or restaurants that are offering discounts right now.

Sweet Pepper's (Thai cuisine)

1. Sweet Pepper's 2349 W Pioneer Pkwy is in Pantego, located on spur 303 (Pioneer Parkway) just east of Bowen, just before the Taco Bueno on the north side of the street.

2. (817) 299-9093

3. We went there today for lunch, around 1pm, and we were the only customers there. They advertise being open 7 days a week, with a lunch special that starts at $6.95 and includes soup and spring roll.

4. I cannot recall the Thai names for the dishes we ordered, but we had stir-fry chicken with cashews and brown sauce (my Dad), and I ordered fried rice with pork, with egg, tomato and onion. They were large portions, in fact we both ended up bringing half our orders home!

5. I would say the quality of the food was at least 'good', but would stop short of calling it 'excellent'. Whatever the superlative, it was good!

6. The service was good, but it would have been difficult for it to  have been bad, being that we were the only two customers in the place!  I got the impression it was a husband/wife team running the place, and the husband apparently cooks. Also, being that we were the only two, they did not hover or lurk us, and did check on us often enough to feel we weren't forgotten about. If the place was full of people, with just the two of them they would really be hopping.

7. Again, us being the only people in the place, the atmosphere was good overall. This is an older building and it shows in places, but it is well kept and clean. They had ambient music that was just at the right volume to attempt to move from being in the background to being in the foreground, but another couple of tables with people would have solved that problem. They also had what looked like a karaoke machine in the back part of the restaurant, so I'm glad we missed that show! 

8. Cost. Each of our entrees were under $10. Some will be over, but looking at the menu the majority of their stuff will run anywhere from $8.95 to $10.95. Given the portions we encountered I would suspect you won't come away hungry.

9. They did have a section of vegetarian dishes.

10. I did not even check about alcohol, but I figure they can probably serve at least beer and wine.

For an area around Arlington that also runs through Pantego and approaches Dalworthington Gardens, this part of Pioneer Parkway has undergone a lot of different places popping up and then disappearing. I asked the lady  who was our waitperson how long they had been there, and she said "about a year." I take that as a good sign that they at least do get enough business to stay open. When we arrived today, the church crowds were out (in fact we went to Sweet Peppers because Dad's first choice was a 40 minute wait to get in) and frankly, it was difficult to tell if they were open or even still in business. But they are! We left Sweet Peppers very pleased that we had stopped in. I think for what still constitutes an affordable amount of money, you will enjoy what Sweet Peppers has to offer whether it is to-go, or if you eat inside their restaurant.

Alamo City Grill

1) Name/Location of the restaurant
Alamo City Grill is right along the southbound access road for 75 in Plano (between Parker and Park I think) in the same strip as the Original Pancake House.

2) Phone number and/or website
Their website has pictures, hours and most of the menu with prices. Missing is the insert with the kids menu, appetizers and deserts.

3) Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night?
I've been for lunch and dinner. Be warned if it's getting very close to closing and it's slow they will shut down early. We've had them be closed, dark and empty when we were just going to drop by right before closing.

4) What did you order?
All of the adults had the burgandy mushroom filet mingon but we substituted different sides. At previous visits we've had chicken cordon bleu, chicken fried steak and their fajitas. We've also split their creme brulee and tres leches desserts and the steak quesadilla appetizer.

5) What was the quality of the food?

Their food is amazing. Seriously. They have a wide variety of types of food: Tex-mex; sandwiches, burgers, classic home cooking, pasta, barbecue etc and with 1 exception everything I've had there was fantastic. (The exception being a side of cilantro rice that was a little more al dente than I prefer). My father's been 8 or 9 times in they few months they've been open and he's never had anything he didn't love either.

Tonight we had their filet mignon which is probably one of the best steaks I've ever had (and that includes a trip to Pappas Brother's late last year.) I will warn you that everyone's steak came out about a level rarer than ordered. My medium rare was definitely a rare with a red cool center. Having said that nobody wanted to send anything back to be cooked more. My steak was so tender I could have cut it with a butter knife and the sauce that my sister requested ended up sitting on the table untouched. Their sides are wonderful especially the poblano stuffing which is not spicy at all. Also the staff had no problems with substituting sides and even had the chef whip up a special batch of mushrooms without the burgandy which my sister is allergic to (he did an impromptu butter and herb sauce instead).

Also worth mentioning is that they have beautiful presentation. Plates are beautifully put together with good height and garnished with herbs, fried potato crisps, fresh mint etc.

6) Was the service good?
Very. The waitstaff is attentive without lurking. They're friendly and fairly casual. The service was more formal than say Ihop but slightly more casual than say TLC. Of course that could be from the nights we were there and we enjoyed it. Sustitutions were no problem. Our waitress also conferred with the cook as to ingredients that might be in a dish that my sister's allergic to and arranged a special sauce instead of the way it normally comes. Drinks were always filled. She didn't write anything down which I find kind of scary but everything came out correct so I guess she knew what she was doing!

7) How about the atmosphere?
I love the atmosphere of this place. They've got a large gas fireplace that can be seen (and felt) from 2 of their 3 dining rooms. One room just has the fireplace and a line of french doors so you can see out. The other dining room is between the fireplace and the bar and has tv's suspended in every corner so if you're there on a game night (like we were) you can follow the game no matter where you're sitting.

8) Cost?
I'ld say pretty cheap. Most expensive item on the menu is $23 which is not bad for the quality of steak it is. Several of their entres are under $10 and not just the pasta and burgers. Also there is no lunch menu so it's the same price whenever you go. I'ld actually spend a little less going here than Fridays or the Olive Garden and the quality of the food is considerably higher.

9) Vegetarian/vegan selections?
Not so much. Some of the Tex-Mex has a cheese instead of meat option and there's a nice variety of seafood but not a lot of vegetable platters. However given my experience I think they'ld be willing and able to do some of the dishes leaving out the meat ingredients if you asked.

10) Alcohol/wine list?
Full bar. Looks like a good selection but none of the people in the party drinks. They do have happy hour though.

To sum it up if you live in the north Dallas area I think you owe it to yourself to go there at least once. They've been there for a few months now and I've never seen it be really busy so I don't know how long they're going to last but their food is incredible.


Good steaks near Flower Mound / DFW

I'll be at DFW in a couple of weeks. Texas is beef country. I'm going to be taking a couple of friends who live in the Dallas area out for dinner. Can anyone name a good / great steak place out near DFW? If that doesn't work, Dallas or Ft Worth would work OK too.

Desperately seeking

Addison-area sit-down restaurant with a decent hot vegetarian selection - ie, not salad. Vietnamese would be great! Any cuisine that is (obviously) not standard meat-and-potatoes.

Ideas for tonight, please? Entertaining a visiting vegetarian friend.
Chinese Food buffet

1) Name/Location of the restaurant: Mandarin Garden

2) Phone number and/or website: unknown

3) Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night? lunch and dinner, not sure they count as late-night though

4) What did you order? Sunday lunch buffet was well stocked. I had shrimp/seafood medley, pot stickers, orange chicken, cashew chicken, teryaki chicken.

5) What was the quality of the food? pretty good

6) Was the service good? The staff were very friendly.

7) How about the atmosphere? Very nice dining rooms and buffet area. Completely lost the 'nice' feel when I visited the men's room.

8) Cost? On the high side of ok. And they request you pay as you enter.

9) Vegetarian/vegan selections? not a lot. String beans, rice, and a sort-of salad bar

10) Alcohol/wine list? I did not even check.

As I mentioned everyone on the staff was very pleasant and nice. We were a little surprised that they expected payment before we were seated, but gave it a try anyway. The food quality was decent (I have had both better and worse) and they had a good selection, but if you go you'd better like chicken! We saw no pork dishes, and the only thing with beef were ribs...which I did not try.

I really liked their teryaki chicken, and their shrimp/seafood medley. I don't know if that is a Sunday only item or a regular feature. I was not too impressed with their pot stickers/dumplings.

This is the old Green Oaks Chinese Buffet at the corner shopping center of Green Oaks Blvd and Collins St. in north Arlington. It recently reopened, Dad had a coupon so we tried it out. Mostly happy with the place, my one big knock against them was when I visited the facilities. It was filthy, so I came back out, found our waiter and made discreet mention to him that the men's toilets needed cleaning. He and a couple of others got on it right away, and he even came back to the table to inform me. However, he informed me that they "hosed it down with hot water" and would do more to it later. Umm....kay.

Fair Park Food?

Does anybody have an good food recommendations for places that are open fairly late around Fair Park? Opera season is upon us and I'm getting a little tired of eating McDonalds in the parking lot.

I'ld prefer somewhere not in too scary a location that's reasonably priced. I know that some of the bars down there serve good food but as neither my sister nor I drink we feel kind of weird sitting in bars and since she's allergic to one of the by-products of fermentation it can make eating out complicated. For instance she has to do without sauce in a lot of places because it's all precooked with wine. Likewise she's not a big fan of sushi.

So if anybody's got a favorite little (or not so little) hide away I'ld really appreciate it! Thanks!

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